Strategic Intellectual Property development plan and innovation capacity building

Work Package 5 - Strategic Intellectual Property development
plan and innovation capacity building

Work package leader: Bogdan Mladenović, Dipl.Iur., General Secretary of the
Faculty, Head of Department for Legal Affairs (

To support the knowledge transfer and innovation capacities of AREA and other
FA staff through preparing a Strategic Intellectual Property Development Plan for
IP (IPI) management and protection, and setting-up the Faculty’s Unit for
Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer (UIPTT) which will encourage the
concept of academic entrepreneurship and provide essential support to the
Faculty’s recently-established “Technology Transfer Centre & Incubator” (TTCI).
Description of work
This WP will focus on transforming the FA during the AREA project into a
research institution capable of supporting Serbia’s future commercial
development with comprehensive mechanisms to recognise, protect and exploit
the Faculty’s research discoveries and innovations.
Task 5.1. Trainings of staff and raising their awareness and skills regarding IPI
Task 5.2. Expertise mapping and technology auditing for the AREA groups
Task 5.3. Preparing a Strategic Intellectual Property Development plan for IP
(IPI) management and protection and innovation capacity building
Task 5.4. Establishment of an administrative body dealing with IP and
Technology Transfer at the Faculty
Task 5.5. Preparing a technological and market portfolio and market technology
transfer schemes for AREA groups
Task 5.6. Commercialization of research capacity and spin-off creation
D. 5.1. Report on basic and advanced IPR management seminars
D. 5.2. Report on IPI management seminars
D. 5.3. Strategic IPI plan
D. 5.4. IPR Guidelines
D. 5.5. Technological and market portfolio of AREA groups
D. 5.6. Report on established networks with IPI partners and Stakeholders
D. 5.7. IPR application procedures established